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I lost my WALLET

It was Thanksgiving, friendsgiving night. My friends and I went to grocery shopping, and we took a bus, B38 on the way to my home. We forgot to buy beer, so we went to C-Town in front of my apartment. When I tried to pay, I couldn’t find my wallet. I panicked for 3 seconds because we planned to rent Zipcar after dinner. I opened the app called Transit and tracked B38 as calculating every journey I took from bus to C-Town. I borrowed MTA card and credit card from my friend right away, and grabbed a taxi. I searched Google map how long it would take to go in front of the bus I picked. I asked taxi driver to go to the exact road. However, we had traffic, so I asked him to go to the next stop. We finally saw the bus and I asked him to stop right in front of the stop, in front of the bus. I got on the bus, and I found my wallet from the seat I exactly sat!!!!