Capital One: One League

App Experience

One League, 2018

How do we make sense of our digital products in the physical spaces and vice versa?

One of the biggest areas of disconnect for Capital One is the relationship between their physical spaces i.e. branches or cafes and their digital products. Part of the issue is that these were created separately with different teams and so don't naturally all fit together. Our challenge was to create a unified and integrated user experience regardless of channel. Our solution is One Leauge, a new program, that rebrands banking with Capital One as a membership that allows users to tap into the full potential of the cafes.

Goal: Empower them to feel good about their money.

Timeline: 15 Weeks

Team: Danielle Yoon, Olivia Greco, Kaitlin Carano

Ping Ambassador

Users can ping an ambassador at the cafe space to freely ask or chat about their concerns or questions. The dropdown menu will give users an opportunity to search what are the options to call ambassadors. Since users are unaware of the service, they may need navigations. The waiting page will let users know about the estimated time and how the ambassador looks like.

Capital One Cafe users enjoy the space once they’re in it.

They’re not engaging with digital experiences currently in cafe.

There’s no way for them to connect Capital One digital products with their Cafe experience.

Users might be missing out on an engaging experience in the Cafe because of confusing wayfinding and layout.


Users are unaware of cafes. They tend to come across them when seeking out a Capital One branch or a cafe to do work.

Cafe experiences aren't portable. Users can't take what they've learned there and apply it to their finances in a useful way.

Many people have financial anxiety.



Connecting physical and digital channels in order to serve digital content in physical spaces and allow value from physical spaces to be reflected back to digital.


Restructure departments/teams so that digital and physical space teams are integrated and can build assets to reflect value in both channels. Restructure physical spaces to be easier to navigate with clearer signifiers about how to use the space.


Digital products in café need to be improved to be more intuitive and relevant for users Develop new products in physical space that connect to existing digital app App could be accessible to non-Capital One users as well.


Our challenge was to solve the problem of wayfinding. Building a membership app to the current app, Capital One can leverage the data and keep the user flow of the current pages without any confusion. We built the flow for users to fully take benefits what Capital One provides and to bring experience home.