Johnson & Johnson

Virtual Tour

Johnson & Johnson Museum Virtual Tour, In Progress

Johnson & Johnson would like to give virtual tour to their employees in the world.

The Powerhouse at Johnson & Johnson tells their stories and products in New Jersey. Johnson & Johnson would like to equally share this experience with all the employees world-wide. The virtual 360 experience allows users to explore freely about Johnson & Johnson with any devices.

Hotspot Areas


Quick Explore for Users who are looking for specific stories

Users can either use the Mini-Map or Explore Stories to freely experience. Users will be directed to specific hotspot's expanded view.

Audio Hotspot (Expanded)

Audio automatically starts playing. Users are able to minimize the window by clicking the minimize icon. Then, users are able to listen to audio while exploring the 360 photo.

Audio Hotspot (Minimized)

Once users complete listening to the audio, the minimized window will turn into the checked audio hotspot icon. They can always re-click the icon to expand the audio hotspot window.

Hotspot Checked (Visited)

After users complete the hotspot, each hotspot will get the check mark to let users know it's visited. If every hotspot within the 360 photo is visited, the mini-map also gets checked.

Media Hotspot (Expanded)

By clicking "GO TO EXHIBITION", users will be directed to the following Johnson & Johnson's another web experience.

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360° Photo

List of Hotspots

Mini Map

Artifact Hotspot

Audio Hotspot

Audio Hotspot (Collapsed)

Media Hotspot